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Home Measuring Certification

Successful Completion of Our Four Part Comprehensive Exam will attest that you exhibit the Knowledge and Skills needed to provide Home Measuring Services and Establish Yourself as a Qualified Professional.

There are no Required Courses, no Course Fees, no Waiting Period. (Learn More . . .)
Start Your Own  Home Measuring Business, or Add Credibility to Your Existing Services.

Only A One Time Exam Fee of  

Our Certification Exam

Available to Active Members 24/7/365, Our Online Exam can be completed at your convenience, from the privacy of your home. Our Library of Home Measuring Study Guides and Reference Materials combine Information from accepted National and State Standards, Practical Knowledge, Measuring Tools and Skills, Calculation and Reporting Methods, The Exam consist of four parts, each described below . . .

Guidelines and Standards

PART ONE takes measure of your knowledge and understanding of accepted National and State Standards, including ANSI Z765-2003

Practical Knowledge and Experience

PART TWO gauges your experience and ability to acquire, record and interpret field measurements accurately

Calculating Square Footage

PART THREE test your math skills, accurately and consistently calculating the Square Footage of simple and complex plan shapes is essential.

Plan Diagrams and Reporting

PART FOUR demonstrate your ability to create an accurate and clear plan drawing of a measured home, including dimensions and area calculations

Professional Home Measuring Cerification

Take the Exam Today, Tomorrow or Next Month, Whenever You are Ready!

Online Study Guides and Exam are Available Online 24/7/365

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CertifiedHomeMeasuring.com is an independent certification service, created to provide consistent and credible Certification for Professionals in the fast growing Home Measuring Industry.

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